There are multiple ways to donate to Club Impact Ministries (of which Revolution Within is a part of)

Stock and Mutual Funds (form attached)

To ensure your gift is efficiently processed, please initiate the gift with your brokerage advisor then fax a copy of the completed Letter of Authorization to National Christian Foundation Houston at 832.255.2021.

Credit Card or Bank Account Transfer (one time or recurring)

Ctrl + Click to follow link to DONATE, you are directed to the National Christian Foundation Houston website – who manages the fund on a day-to-day basis.

Once at the National Christian Foundation Houston web site, there are two online methods:
1. Credit Card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa). Note: There are processing fees assessed by each credit card provider. The fees are as follows: AMEX 3.1%, Discover 2.2%, Master Card 2.5%, Visa 2.5%. You will be receipted for the full amount of your credit card contribution.
2. Bank Account Transfer. Note: There are no processing fees assessed

Physical Check

Make check payable to Club Impact Ministries
Send to : Club Impact Ministries
2365 Rice blvd. #215
Houston, Tx. 77005

National Christian Foundation Fund to Fund Transfer

If you are a donor with National Christian Foundation Houston, Log in to your Fund ( / Transfer / Fund Name: The Club Impact Ministries Fund, Fund Number: 853697


If you are interested in your gift being anonymous, please contact: Melissa McNier, 832.255.2028,

Non-Liquid Gifts (i.e. other than cash or public securities)

To learn ways to use your business to support Club Impact Ministries, watch a 2 minute video